Whole Body Vibration Machines

The Vibra Pro machines are wonderful. There are lots of machines on the market, but the quality and features of Vibra Pro machines set them apart. We are only interested in machines with the ability to transform your life. In just 10 minutes a day you will feel a difference.

Vibra Pro Genesis Kinetic K7

For the upper end, dream product, we recommend the Vibra Pro Genesis Kinetic K7. This is a full-sized commercial grade machine with more features than any other whole-body-vibration machine on the market. Watch the video as see what you think.

This machine has a unique dual-motor design with a patented drive system. The drive system offers oscillation, spiral rotational and soft triplanar motion. The large dual motors offer maximum power.

The patented vibration dampening system makes the Genesis Kinetic K7 one of the safest machines available today. The new patented Mineral-Infused Bio-Platform targets satellite cells in the body to quickly and efficiently rebuild and repair damaged muscle fiber and bone tissue.

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Vibra Pro Genesis Sport X7

The Vibra Pro Genesis Sport X7 is a premium dual motion vibration exercise machine. This is an upper-end home machine designed to last for years. This machine provides a wide range of focused vibration therapy.

The dual motors offer both premium oscillation motion and spiral rotational motion which can be operated separately or combined.

The X7 has an integrated dampening system that filters out non-harmonic vibrations and an anti-shock platform for extra comfort.

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